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We are our roots, and that is the essence that moves us.

We were born in Buenos Aires with the need to start a project, to follow a dream that meant a lot more than just becoming independent. We dreamt about offering creative solutions to other companies and we decided to named our agency Blum! Marketing. We started in a restaurant booth, with endless ideas and energy, and eager to grow. Soon, we had our own office, a team of professionals, and great clients with ambitious goals that we helped achieved. 


That eagerness, that essence, was the magical force that brought us here and helped us grow by making seemingly impossible projects and ideas come true for 17 years.


Throughout the journey we learnt a lot and met new friends while working with huge companies like Grupo Campari, American Express, Sony Music, Pani, Huggies, Natura, Philips, Grupo Clarín, Norton, among others.


Nowadays, we are present in every continent, we connect with different cultures, and we use wonderful resources to achieve our goals around the globe.


Magic Makers was born from the transition between this great story, our essence, and our present filled with new challenges and dreams to accomplish.

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