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Sony Music

Feat: Asombro Extremo 

When analyzing the link that the artist Camilo has with his audience, the agency came up with a great idea and we approached it. Camilo was delighted and so we created a big digital campaign. The challenge was to take Camilo’s love and charisma further and make it a gift for his fans before Christmas.


We developed the entire creative concept and pre-production, so that you can then enter the magical kitchen of Extreme Awe with the master key: message customization. People entered a site, put the photo and name of the person to whom they wanted to send the gift, chose a song from Camilo and the honoree received a video of the Colombian singer-songwriter with his guitar, who greeted him by name and sang his favorite song. The location was a specially chosen house (where Evaluna was even heard to warn him that someone was going to see him).


¡It was a success! The campaign was launched and, minute by minute, we saw how thousands of people were living that experience. In total, there were 500,000 downloads for audiences in the United States and Puerto Rico, which meant 500,000 surprises in real time.

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