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American express

Feat: Blum Marketing

We created training sessions for partners from all over Latin America with the aim of accompanying and generating value during the Covid-19 pandemic. The conference lasted 3 days and was broadcast in 12 countries, with more than 5,000 participants


The world changed, our lives and routines were forced to stay at home, but isolation could also be a good opportunity to create new experiences, goals and learnings. In this context we had the need and challenge to impact and motivate the sales team, strategic partners and the in-house American Express team.


As we could no longer fill auditoriums and everyone would have to participate from their home, we created AMEX TALKS ONLINE, a series of conferences that connected us with more than 5,000 listeners around the world with talks on RESILIENCE, SALES and GROWTH MINDSET by 9 international speakers.

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