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Tini Stoessel / Hollywood Records

An artistic production made by our magic maker Gaby Herbstein.

We worked on art, photography and design for the new album Tini Stoessel. We produced a lot of material for this album, which more than an album became a book!


The idea was to show Tini in all his musical facets creating a new visual identity for each of them, all coexisting in the same space. We set ourselves a great challenge that was finally achieved with an incredible result.


It was a production in which we put together 4 different sets and in which we shot 3456 shots, after 12 hours of love and work.



Photography and Creative Direction: @gabyherbstein

Art direction: @martin_diez10

Graphic Designer: @tengocaptura

Coordination: @iam_florenciarico

Post Production: @nfazzioli.retoucher

Costumes: @vikii_miranda @fabianzitta

Make Up: @vanesaaragon

Hair: @zacariasguedes


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